Boosting your presence on social media, for dentists

by on December 31, 2013

Thumbs-up-by-peopleIf dentistry is your profession and passion, that’s wonderful. But if you’re  looking to entice new patients or keep existing patients engaged, don’t assume that your audience is as fascinated as you about the latest in curing light technology, mouth mirrors and ultrasonic cleaners.

Shop talk filled with jargon will be interesting to only a small portion of people. The same is true for your online outreach. Facebook and Twitter can be powerful tools to engage with existing and prospective patients — if you wield them the right way.

Here are a few tips about how to leverage the social media, for dentists.

Be relatable

Nobody wants to read a bunch of technical jargon, but most people have common concerns about the attractiveness of their smile, their oral health and how to prevent dreaded cavities. So relate to your audience. Tailor your content on your blog or website to answering their common questions. Don’t forget to create rapport with existing or potential patients by writing in a conversational tone.

Everyone can relate to uncomfortable scenarios such as bad breath, so why not share some tips or secrets to battling mouth odors? Addressing their common concerns will will draw in more clicks.

Be readable

Few people have the time or mental stamina for online reading of dense, academic language. Your dental website or Facebook business page is not the right place to critique the latest dental literature in a peer-review journal. On the other hand, websites are great for breezy reading and information-gathering where their time and concentration is often short.

One useful technique is offering fresh content in a readable and eye-catching list form. A regular “top 10” or “top 5” tips post can become a popular destination. There’s a reason so many news sites and aggregators such as BuzzFeed often have stories based on lists among their most-read pages. They’re easy and fun to read. Another well received format is a “how to” article.

You have to give to receive

Your audience won’t show up or keep coming back to your Facebook business page without your team first making an effort to be engaging. This is social media, so be social!  Don’t to talk at your audience, but initiate dialogues by asking questions. Create a fun poll about favorite flavors of toothpaste or mouthwash, or ask readers to share anecdotes about their first experience with braces. Building a web community and online buzz around your practice will take some nudging on your part.

Be more than just a dentist

Yes, you may often be wearing a face mask when patients see you close-up, but you’re a human being, too. Use your online presence to show a bit of your personality. Don’t be afraid to crack jokes, comment on news stories, or post pictures of your dental team, office and activities that will introduce visitors to the culture of your practice.

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