Giving Your Small Business the Visibility It Deserves

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by on December 17, 2011

The level of visibility your business radiates impacts its ability to attract new customers, and online visibility comes from top search rankings using small business SEO services. If you are not very familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), discover why you might need it, perhaps more than you realize.

Search engines, like Google and Bing, develop the rules that organize and rank over 23 million businesses in the United States. They regularly crawl websites trying to understand and index trillions of website pages. Applying SEO for local business, or any organization, assures that your website is communicating effectively when crawled. Also, SEO services typically include publishing content that continually increase its authority. Optimization efforts improve your online visibility, without it your business, or parts of it, can be largely ignored.

Like periodicals and books, online content is easier for people to find when appearing in indexes or directories, so search engines created the indexes. Similarly, written information is easier to comprehend when well structured with chapters, titles and sub-headings, so search engines look for a structural signals in the website, not merely based on what visitors see on its pages, but also by signals buried in its code.

Communicating Effectively About Your Business

Communicating effectively to these crawlers means that searchers are more likely to find information about your business, its products and services, and gives your business an identity, such as its brand, location, service area and reputation. When properly implemented, the trust and authority of your business grows, so it is rewarded with higher rankings for relevant searches.

To rise above your competition, your website and other online properties need to communicate in the language of search engines, so they can collect all your important information. As meaningful chunks of a small business SEO services are implemented, initial improvements quickly take effect. To rank above your competitors, of course, requires a sustained effort that continues building your reputation and rankings.

Increasing Your Small Business Visibility

The level of SEO effort that your small business needs will vary by type of business, location and competitive environment. An assessment by a qualified SEO expert will uncover your strengths and weaknesses, however, a local or small business usually needs improvements in the following areas:

  • Identifying relevant web and mobile keywords;
  • Claiming and/or enhancing a local business listing;
  • Developing profiles in directories and citations in your industry and/or locale;
  • Enhancing the website’s structure and code;
  • Acquiring customer reviews;
  • Developing authority and trust with relationships, content and links; and
  • Communicating regularly in blog posts on the company website.

In a USA TODAY video (see top right column), Google engineer Matt Cutts offers 5 basic SEO tips to get your website top rankings. While these tips are from 2008, most are relevant today. Matt tries making small business SEO services sound simple, yet it is readily apparent that SEO skills require training.

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