7 compelling reasons for a small business marketing blog

by on July 31, 2012

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Being part of the online conversation.

Are you serious about raising the online visibility of your business? If so, a small business marketing blog is a key component to your success. It requires, however, commitment and consistency, but it reaps amazingly strong relationships with prospects, customers, media outlets and influential industry or community observers.

If you need more convincing, read these top 7 reasons why small and local businesses use blogging to dominate the competition.

  1. Differentiates your business from the competition.
    A blog offers a unique opportunity to present your business in a way that is not possible on your business website. It offers a conversational platform to address the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. At the same time, it can be used to express the personality and values that are unique to your business, initiating or deepening relationships with its readers.

  3. Establishes your business as thought leader and industry expert.
    A blog is an excellent tool for covering current topics and trends related to your industry, and an excellent venue to anticipate the commonly asked questions of customers and prospects. It positions your business as forward looking and authoritative, as well as interested in responding to the interests and concerns of your audience.

  5. Helps manage your reputation with media and customers.
    Whether announcing news, educating people or managing problems about your industry or business, it is an outlet for making information immediately available. It is an official voice and states what is important to your business. It offers transparency, and breaks down the stone wall of website broadcasting. Also, media outlets are more likely to take your business seriously, they similarly leverage the value of managing perceptions.

  7. Builds creditability with market and influential observers.
    A blog can be the first stop for visitors who want to discover the most current information and news about your company. It is the place where new information is readily available, or an archive of resources that offer enduring value. An active blog builds visibility and access to resources that are easy accessed about your industry and business.

  9. Raises visitor traffic to your website.
    Blogs are a critical to an online sales funnel that leads visitors from the broad network of social media to your blog, and website. The funnel uses increasing levels of intimacy and familiarity that bring more phone calls and email messages. It is also a primary strategy for raising search rankings, since blog posts create a natural flow of search terms relevant to what your business offers.

  11. Solves problems and build customer loyalty.
    When your business publishes posts that are focused on customers, it builds a bridge to face-to-face conversations. The best way to reach customers is writing about what they want and need to know. If you help them solve problems and answer their concerns, you earn their loyalty. It gives people more ideas about how you can help them, and more reasons to contact you.

  13. If your competitors are not blogging, they soon will be.
    It is not common to find a small or local business with an active blog. Why? Because it takes an effort and persistence. If you think you do not have time, hire someone to do it. It is not that hard, and even easier for a hired hand to publish regularly. It is an investment that reaps ripe fruit, and brings unexpected rewards.
What questions or experiences do you have about local or small business marketing blogs?

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