Simplifying Communication Using Art

by on August 22, 2011

Do you want to communicate a complex idea? Do you need a simple and enjoyable way to grab the attention of your audience? Consider using comics or cartoons to tell your story. You can define your message and communicate it simply and inexpensively using drawings.

Images quickly seize our attention, and you can use them to explain, simplify or expand ideas that are extremely difficult using written or spoken words. They will help your audience understand concepts and connect them to their experiences. Not only do images enhance a viewer’s recall and learning, but the effect continues over time.

Google used a comic book to launch its Chrome open source browser, in December, 2010, using a comic book to answer “Why does the world need another web browser?” eBay uses comics to explain its processes, and drawings still tell us what to do in an airplane emergency. Comics have a long history in our popular culture, and were propelled into the office with the Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams.

Simplifying Communication with Art

Comics can educate or sell, and be created with little effort. A drawing can represent an ideal customer or avatar or tell a larger story with a cartoon, comic strip, comic book, slide show or video. They can enhance a customer case study or presentation with emotion, humor or shared experiences, and be published on paper, or web and mobile networks.

Getting started may be new territory, but comics and cartoons are an effective way to tap directly into your audience’s emotions and experiences. Some inexpensive and easy tools are available at little or no cost to your company, like tracing tools and photographs. There are also fun websites with easy to use tools for creating characters, scenes and templates, like and

What have you found most effective for simplifying communication in marketing?

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