Being your best: Tips to better introductions

by on October 10, 2012

Man reaching out to shake hands

Many people, especially when nervous and amongst strangers, tend to over promote themselves. For example, a CEO started training as an amateur cyclist; he joined a weekend competition where he met a fellow rider and introduced himself as a CEO on a bike ride.

False humility doesn’t fool anyone. It’s not unusual — people often want reassurance in uncertain situations. But, if your introductions are self-focused, you probably will find yourself in a one-sided conversation. And really, that’s counter productive when trying to meet new people, both in personal and business contexts.

How do you introduce yourself? By your second sentence, do you feel like you’ve walked into a job interview?

Instead, keep these tips in mind to keep your introductions focused on learning about the other person – and, if it goes well, on an emerging conversation:

Less is More: This is a kinder version of the more popular “Keep It Simple, Stupid;” don’t say anything unnecessarily forced, keep it natural.

Context is Key: If you must expound on your personal background, keep details relevant to the situation at hand.

Understate: In the real world, your job title is nearly meaningless to strangers, also in some business situations.

And what do you do? Make the exchange about the other person; ask questions, and above all, listen!

Source: Best Way to Introduce Yourself

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