Avoid Simple Mistakes Marketing to Ideal Customer

by on March 9, 2012

I spotted two postcards under the windshield washer blades on the passenger side, just as my husband Mark and I jumped inside our car. We were hungry and wanted a tasty meal.

Reaching outside and grabbing the postcards, I quickly scanned them to see if worth keeping. One postcard was advertising a Mexican restaurant, a favorite cuisine of mine. I opened my lips, ready to suggest my great new dining idea, but quickly stopped.

This postcard got 95% of its marketing right, but ultimately failed.

Can you guess their mistake? What would make it a more effective marketing tool?

Can you spot their marketing mistakes?

Mark and I are seasonal tourists in Scottsdale. This card is bright, informative and motivating. We walk the area frequently, but do not know all the streets. Where is North Marshall Way? Scottsdale is part grid and part maze, and has hundreds of restaurants and bars within one square mile.

Lots of people carry mobile phones and might call the restaurant, and others have smart phones for requesting directions, a map or their website (Whoops! The website is misspelled.)

People like us need the major cross streets or a map on the postcard. After all, we are pretty ideal prospects, hungry and driving nearby – close, but it’s too much effort. The postcard will bring in more customers if the “Like us on on Facebook” is replaced with a map.

Another comment, when visiting the website of Frank and Lupes restaurant, it is presented well, except for the automatically playing music. When visitors control the start of audio or video, they will have a more satisfying experience. As it is, the restaurant will likely lose some visitors.

For effective marketing, think like the ideal customer who will see your marketing message. In this case, are they online or offline? What are they doing? Make it easy for your ideal customers to take the action that you desire.

What online or offline marketing mistakes have you experienced or made?

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