How to Attract Customers With Ideas They Love

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by on January 5, 2012

How can small businesses attract customers with new products or services that customers love? A taxi drive in Chicago that seems to have stumbled upon a winning approach.

According to a technology blog, Ars Technica:

“Honestly, I never looked at it as marketing nor I had that in mind when I started @ChicagoCabbie account,” Temuri told Ars. “I started Twitter thinking I’ll talk to people about taxi industry of Chicago. I feel there is a gap between taxi drivers and customers and there are lots of misunderstandings. They both are in such a defensive mode. They both feel like they have to protect themselves from the other and it’s just so wrong. I joined Twitter to eliminate the gap between a taxi customer and taxi driver.”

After looking after his customers’ best interests, customers started looking for him. Its a great story and a fun reminder that marketing works best when a business keeps focused on its customers. In this case, the business owner combines a still novel communication channel with useful information that is meant to fill a service gap of negative stereotypes or experiences. The taxi driver boosts his reputation by offering time sensitive information and friendliness, sometimes he tops it off with a bonus:

“Good morning #Chicago!! It’s a wet wet day here. 41°. Take $5 OFF the meter from now till 2PM to any airport from anywhere. :-) #ORD #MDW”

“Can you pick me up at my place in 15 minutes? Text me when you get here.” No, this isn’t a text message to a friend or a call to a car service—it’s a direct message sent through Twitter to a driver of a Chicago cab.

His innovative use of a social media channel gives him great visibility, above thousands of other drivers, and earns him new loyal customers. He is likely winning bonus points, too, because he always remembers each customer. Consider your customers’ best interests, and they may start seeing your business in a new light.

In the upper right corner is a video tells another story, about a bookstore saved by one tweet. These two stories provide us an opportunity to reflect about what we can do differently.

Is there anything that might improve your customers’ satisfaction? How might your business reach over and bridge gaps that attract customers?

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