Internet Marketing

Using Internet Marketing to elevate the visibility of small businesses is my favorite subject when writing and speaking at events. Whether you are a start-up or mature local business, its important to earn a return on your web or mobile websites. Start by reading any topic that initially catches your eye, such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) or customer reviews. Please feel free to leave a comment or send a question, its often where ideas come from for in-depth discussions in ‘Top of Your Mind’, discover effective marketing ideas for your business.

Are you paying for a local business directory listing to attract customers on the Internet. Does it also include a nifty phone number with online tracking and reporting? If so, it might not be as beneficial to your business, as it appears. Most business owners know that Internet search companies have pulled a huge share […]


How well does your local business leverage what customers are saying about it? If it was fairly easy and inexpensive, would you take the time to uncover and leverage these gems?

While you may already encourage word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials, what if your customer’s experience was only a click away, or easy enough to make so?

What I am referring to are the millions of customer reviews for local businesses already on the Internet, and how they can impact your business results. Let us take a look at recent survey results showing how prospective customers regard the experiences customers write about local businesses.

While most U.S. small businesses still depend on word-of-mouth referrals as a way for new shoppers to find them, whether or not you like it, the Internet is close behind, according to a survey by American Express OPEN.


One of the worst strategic mistakes any large or small business can make is focusing on the wrong target. When a successful new competitor seemingly arises out of nowhere, the trounced executives naturally feel their confidence wane, causing fear or panic at some level to take hold. What happens next is important because this is where the mistake starts!


If you are looking for ways to leverage your small business marketing expenditures, consider where the innovators are heading. A recent survey, reveals how some small business owners are realizing 61% lower cost per lead by targeting inbound marketing channels. Responses from these leading small businesses recount their Internet marketing strategies and techniques that bring new customers.


How do visitors to your website react to its design and content? If you knew what visitors thought about your website, would it change your approach to local business marketing? Discover some answers and insights into these important questions!


Many small and local business owners are not sure how to raise their online visibility, and which Internet marketing strategies and techniques work best. Experts brag about a plethora of successful methods, ranging from search optimization, social media, advertising, blogging and more – but, which ones are really effective?


How can small businesses attract customers with new products or services that customers love? A taxi drive in Chicago that seems to have stumbled upon a winning approach.


With 2 billions Internet users, and an incredible 5 billion mobile devices world wide, small business mobile marketing programs will be profitable, the only questions are when and how. Should your small business decide to be an early adopter, or push the pause button?


The visibility your business radiates impacts its ability to attract new customers, and online visibility comes from top search rankings using small business SEO services. If you are not very familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), discover why you might need it, perhaps more than you realize.


When nearby prospects search the Internet for your local products or services, grab their attention by being in the most effective places. Getting started with SEO does not need to seem like parachuting into a canyon; blind faith is not a requirement. This post will show how frequently people use Internet searches to find local businesses, and what value it brings when a company ranks on the first page for relevant searches.